Monday, June 30, 2008

Week 2

This BFL thing is getting easier. Feeling more confident about my ability to get this thing done...see it through to the finish. We were invited to dinner after church yesterday and I, I've got to eat on plan. So we went home, grilled up some marvelous pork chops, corn on the cob and a salad. Then we hung out at our friends house. They all had ice cream while I enjoyed a big glass of ice water. Honestly I was perfectly okay with that. Wasn't even hungry.

This morning I got up and worked my arms and did 28 minutes of high intensity cardio. Hills outside. I did both workouts today simply because I skipped Sunday's arms. Really great workouts this morning.

I feel happier today. Like there is so much to look forward to. My shorts aren't tight this morning. Not loose either...they fit which is nice. Don't have that muffin top hanging over both sides...know what I mean? My stomach is just flatter. No real weight loss, but just a flatter tummy and waist. SWEET!! Everything I have read about the challenge tells me by Week 6 or 7 the weight just starts to melt off. I'm looking forward to that!

In between my weight sets this morning I was reading "Make Your Creative Dreams Real" by Sark. I LOVED what she said about Energy and being creative...

"Energy is our creative dream-making power source. We measure energy by how we feel in our minds, bodies and spirits. Our creative dreams are run my and on our energy. If energy is high, we feel refreshed, and energized, and our creative dreams will be fed and expanded upon."

Here's what she says makes our energy expand...


I am going to add the following...

Eating healthy
getting plenty of rest

This Body For Life Plan is giving me energy to pursue other dreams of mine. It is giving me energy to focus on my site Scrapwords, create a beautiful home, spend time with my children and serve in my church. This plan is going to change my life.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

What a perfect Free Day I had. I enjoyed some of my favorite foods without over indulging. For the first time in years I ate just one slice of pie and said no to another handful of movie popcorn. This is quite a step for me.

The pants I wore out to dinner tonight were loose!! Oh, my heck was I one happy woman!!:) I felt so confident. Tonight I planned out my meals for tomorrow as well as my upper body workout and I reread my goals (which I will post here soon) and looked at those amazing before and after photos in the BFL book. I am on my way...

Free Day

Happy Saturday!! Today I am taking my first Free Day on the Challenge. I slept in, enjoyed two cups of Perro with cream, 1 bagel with cream cheese, two eggs and one peach. I'm not doing anything too nutty. I've worked too hard this week and I love the empty feeling I have. Don't want to get all bloated.

I am in the mood to create. I so want to scrap, write articles and just hang out. But my messy house is in need of my attention!! Plus at 2 pm we are having our missionaries over for lunch. Looking forward to the spirit they bring to our home.

I'm off to do the "everyday of life" and hoping to find lots of joy in that today!! :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 5

At first I thought it was going to be a rough morning on program. I am Primary President at church and we had our Quarterly Activity this morning. Good thing was we talked about being healthy, exercised and ate a wonderful healthy lunch. The thing I was worried about most was the fabulous banana muffins and fruit dip. I am happy to say...I did not have even one bite of muffin and only 1/2 tsp. of the fruit dip!! Whoo Hoo!!!!! I was really starved for carbs today. With lunch I had one serving of pretzels. Just 17 tiny pretzels. That helped a bunch.

When I did this program several years ago I kept a detailed journal. What a help that has been. I'm experiencing the same type of cravings and physical feelings I did back then. The good news is by Week 3 they had disappeared and I was on my way to weight loss!!!

If you are doing the challenge please let me know. I would love to hear how you are doing!!

I am taking Saturday as my FREE DAY. I am so looking forward to it. I have decided not to gorge myself. In fact I'm going to follow plan with just a few tweaks. I may have protein pancakes with syrup instead of without. I am going to enjoy some yummy meal...gonna see if we can go out!!

I want this plan to is. Oh, I did my 20 minutes of cardio this morning. Intended on doing more but on my walk I ended up finding my dog Thor!! He had gotten loose and I didn't know I had to get him home.

Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 4

Ahhhhh, I've made it to Day 4 and I just got finished with my lower body/ab workout. My legs are my least favorite things to work. Unfortunately they are what need the most work!! LOL!:)

I've made a gym pass expired today so instead of spending money we really don't have I've decided to make a cute little workout spot in our downstairs. I have several (make that dozens) of strength exercises and ab workouts. Also I have one of those big stability balls and a instead of spending more money I thought I'd utilize what I already have and try some new exercises!! That will keep it fresh and fun!

Today will be a bit of a challenge for me. We are headed to St. Joe for our monthly shopping trip and the kids have ortho appointments. That means we'll be eating out. I'm going to suggest someplace I can get a chicken breast and salad...maybe Wendy's. They have baked potatoes which are on plan. Just add some protein and I'm good to go.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More on Day 3...

Man I love this family!!! We had such a fun day at Lagoon near Salt Lake City. I can't believe how blessed I am...truly grateful for all that I have.

I've been so hungry all day. Need to plan my meals tonight for tomorrow and the next few days. Bill Phillips the inventor of BFL says planning is crucial to success. I believe that with all my heart. Tonight I just didn't know what I was going to eat and I was starving!! I ended up doing good...chicken breast in a whole wheat tortilla with fat free cheese melted on top and salsa. Pretty satisfying. I did end up drinking a Coke Zero. Not too happy about that...really don't want to make soda a part of my daily routine. I know it's diet...but it's not on plan. I won't have any tomorrow. Just my water. Speaking of that I've been drinking more water than ever. Love it with lemon and lots of ice. So refreshing in this humidity!!

Em and I found one of my favorite movies from childhood...Meatballs. Have you ever seen it? Oh, man it is soooooo funny! Came out in like 1981. Be sure and check it out here. We are going to watch it tonight. It will be hard not to have my usual popcorn...I made a protein pudding instead so looking forward to that.

I am just so happy right now. I feel like for once in a very long time I'm getting control of my eating, my workouts which makes me feel in control of my life. I'm hoping this attitude spills into other areas of my life that need my attention. Scrapbooking, my photos organized and the biggie...getting ready to homeschool my almost 14 year old son.

Have a wonderful night everyone!!

Day 3

Woke up kind of late today. I was exhausted. Got into the gym around 815 AM. Cardio today. I definitely hit my "10's". So excited about that!! Ran on the treadmill and powerwalked. I felt so in control and powerful today. AWESOME!

My new best friend has become my blender and my EAS vanilla protein powder. The past few meals have either been smoothies or pudding. Really looking forward to chicken wraps tonight with salsa and ff cheese. Yum-o! Going to enjoy a big salad and /or broccoli, too.

Went to the afternoon free movie with Emme and my mom. NO POPCORN!! This is so huge for me. I wasn't even tempted!! Hooray! I had 1/2 an EAS bar in my bag so I enjoyed that. Had my first diet Pepsi today. A child-size at the movies. Did not finish it.

I am so happy to be on this plan.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 2

Here we front and back photos. I am not super happy to be sharing them here...but I've got to keep it real!

Last night I ended up STARVING! Very, very tired, too. I munched on cucumbers in vinegar to help me not eat chips or popcorn then headed to bed early.

I was up by 6 this morning to make out my menu for the day and get my upper body workout ready. That went so well at the gym this morning. After that came home and whipped up a yummy BFL shake. You take 12 ounces of cold water and add one scoop of EAS Vanilla Protein Powder, frozen pineapple, 1/4 tsp. coconut extract and ice. Blend all together and enjoy. This was very tasty!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 1

Okay, here I am almost done with my first BFL day. It's been great so far. I woke up before 6, ate a healthy breakfast...1/2 banana, 1 60 calorie-high protein pita with a serving of Natural PB. Did my 34 minutes of cardio then came home, showered and enjoyed 1/2 of an EAS Myoplex bar. Very yummy! I can see these things really helping me get through this thing without craving cake or something like that.

I've had a busy day...but so far it's been easy to stay on plan. My energy has stayed up all day. Tonight I'm planning chicken with vegetables and for dessert a protein smoothie with some kind of fruit. Yum-o.

I went to the gym to get my body fat tested. I'm at 31%-YIKES. Also had waist, legs and arms measured. My daughter will be taking my photo this I still need to post that.

Hope your day is going well, too!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Scrapwords Contest

What in the World Contest

22 Jun, 2008

**Here is a fun, new contest I've started at my site Scrapwords. Come and play with us!!

Here's a fun little idea I found on my friend Lisa's blog. Every now and then she will ask a question about herself, where she's been who she's met, etc. and run a contest. I love this idea so starting today that's what we're gonna do, too. I don't think she'll mind:)!

As many of you know I've been in Utah for 2 weeks. We had a blast, saw lots of friends and enjoyed many adventures. Last week as we were driving along, I was just looking out my window when I saw IT!! I couldn't believe it!!! I turned around, screaming at my sweet daughter Em..."Emma, look!! It's_______!! I wonder if we'll see_____??!" My daughter replied, "Oh, that would be so cool, Mom! Do you think_____ is there?? Maybe we'll see _____ at the Boys and Girls Club of America with Vanessa!!!"

What did we see in Utah that got us soooo excited? And who do you think may have been at the Boys and Girls Club of America?

Just leave your guess's here. The first one to get it right gets $10 to spend in the store!!!!!

**If no one knows I'll give more clues later on in the week. :)

The Day Before

We are finally HOME!! Rolled in from Laramie, Wy. at 8 PM last night. What a long drive! My husband was not feeling well at all so I ended up driving the whole way with a nasty headache...ugh!

Just thought I'd post about my BFL Challenge that begins officially tomorrow...HOORAY! I spent last night reading the new BFL Champion book. Excellent sure and check that out here. I am sooo ready to begin. Em and I went grocery shopping late last night, picking up fresh fruit and veggies, Greek Yogurt (sooo yummy!) chicken, turkey and other healthy, challenge approved foods. I'm eating healthy today and drinking lots of water. Tomorrow I will take my "before" photo, measure myself, weigh and check my body fat. I will post my stats and photo tomorrow even though I'm a bit scared to do that!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Scrapbook Inspiration

A few days ago while visiting our friends in Utah for their daughter's wedding I was asked, on the spot, to create her wedding scrapbook/guest book. Wow! What pressure!! Heidi (the bride) gave me 22 photos and said...get to it!

With just a few supplies in hand I was sent to the neighbor's house (thanks, Kara!!). She was so sweet and generous. Kara had turned her kitchen table into a scrapping zone with scissors, rub-ons, stamps and glue dots. Having just a handful of wedding type supplies I got down to the task at hand...creating a scrapbook worthy of a lifetime of memories for Heidi and Preston. At first I was overwhelmed and a bit worried. I only had 4 "wedding" type products to choose from. How in the heck was I going to make this work?

Two hours later as I was finishing up the final page I realized that sometimes working with less supplies is better than having dozens of products to choose from. For one my mind wasn't on creative overload. I was forced to think outside of the box and use only what I had. Secondly, it was so refreshing creating something with a "simple" theme. Looking back through the pages I was so happy with the results. The important question though was...Would Heidi love it?

When I brough the book back to the Van Leers I nervously let her family check it out. They LOVED it! But would Heidi? I am so happy to say...she did!!

I learned one very important thing creating that book...simple is best. I promise when I get home to scrap so much more...focusing not on the design or the products or "look" of the page but rather the fun, the joy and the pleasure of creating something so special!!

Here's to finding the joy in scrapping again...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We're in Mapleton!

We arrived in Utah after 16 years of driving on Monday. So glad we are here!! Woke up this morning so tired but ready for a walk. There is just something about walking when all you can see are mountains. My idea of heaven on earth!! We have been enjoying our stay with the Crandall's. Today we are off to the Planetarium in Salt Lake City. We are ready to do something vacation-y:)

I think I'm gonna have another friend do the Challenge with me. My friend Lisa we are staying with is very interested. I hope she decides. The more the merrier. While I haven't been over eating here I have been choosing waaaay too many sweets! Last night we had a cake to die for. Oh, man vacations are hard on the waistline!!

Watched the Bucket List again last night. You know that movie starring Morgan Freeman and Jacks Nicholson. There is a line from that movie I want to leave you with today.

"When you get to heaven you will be ask two questions. The first one is: How much joy did you have while on earth? The second one is: How much joy did you give others? I love this!! I for sure need to be working on my "joy" quotient. Not just for me but for others. So just for today I'm gonna work on giving more joy to my family, my friends and everyone I meet.

Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Finally bought my blender and Utah

I know, what a strange title...but when you're getting ready to do the BFL challenge ya' gotta have a blender!! There are dozens of totally delicious smoothies you make with protein powder on the plan...hence the reason for a blender.

We are getting ready to leave for our beloved Utah. First we'll be in Mapleton staying with the Crandall's. Can't wait to see Lisa and Lou along with Kam and all the rest of their children and grandchildren. They are like our family. We love them. By Friday we'll be in Huntsville (our future new home) for Heidi's wedding. She is getting married in the Salt Lake Temple on June 14th. I can't wait!! She is such an amazing girl. After the wedding we plan on staying at the Van Leers for a few days then heading back home. I'll spend the remainder of that week buying food for my challenge and gearing myself up.

I usually have plenty of computer time when I'm in Utah so hopefully I'll be able to post.

Oh, I almost wonderful son found my Nikon battery charger!! It's been missing since December. That explains why I rarely post photos! Well, no more thanks to my son. Thanks, Jacks!! (BTW, the charger was in our suitcase from our last trip to Utah)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Clean Eating Books

oh, how I love Fridays. I'm sure I've mentioned that here before...but it is sooo true! Enjoyed some quiet time with my husband, drinking Pero and eating fresh strawberries. Yum-o!! We have a HUGE strawberry patch and went picking yesterday. Lots of fun and what a great reward...Strawberries!

I am so happy that three of my friends will be joining me on the Body For Life Challenge. My cousin Missy and my friend Meg. Soooo happy about their support. I know I will need it. I've went through all my clean eating cookbooks, picked out my meals and wrote them in my BFL binder. I'd love to share the books I'm using with here ya' go. My favorite one is from the BFL guy Bill Phillips "Eating For Life". This book has a photo of every recipe and is HUGE. Plus the meals are truly delicious! I've even tried them out on my family and they loved them.

Another awesome book is by Tosca Reno. She is my hero. Read her story here!! I have two of her books...both of which I'll be using in this challenge. Check them out here. I have the Eat Clean Diet and the Eat Clean Cookbook. Her recipes are wonderful and fairly easy to do. Although Eating for Life is the easiest. One more thing about've gotta see her before photo...UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Check it out.

The other cookbook I'm gonna use is brand new. It's from Hungry her!! I have received her daily newsletter for over a year now and have learned so much from her. She just wrote a it is...

The last tool I'm using for eating clean is the latest magazine called Clean Eating. The current issue is out on newsstands now.

There ya' you know what I'm using during this challenge. My next plan is working on my exercises. Thought I'd use index cards so I have a nice rotation of weight exercises. I'll keep you posted on what I decide.

My challenge begins June 23rd!! I am sooo excited!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is it true? Is it already June 4th? What in the heck have I been doing? No summer yet. I've got lots to on my Summer Fun List!!

It seems like all I've been doing is worrying. Gotta hate that. Summer is supposed to be carefree you know like when we were kids. Ahhhh, I remember waking up, putting my OP shirt and shorts on and heading outside to grab my neighbors Jamie and John. We'd hang out at the pool, ride our bikes, go to Pony League baseball games, walk to the "Little Store" for frozen Charleston Chews and glass bottles of Coke. We played from morning till way late at night. Summer nights seemed to be the best. Midnight Ghost, long walks talking about stuff and night tag. I lived for summer!!

When you are a grown-up real life gets in the way of all your carefree fun. Bills to pay, jobs to do, houses to clean, blah, blah, blah!!

My kids and Dave are in Bethany today doorhanging coupons for our store. I'm gonna finish getting my BFL plan ready then scrap. I just put together Scrapwords June kit and I need to do some pages!! Check out Botanical Bliss.

Here's to finding some carefree in your day today!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Went shopping for healthy foods this morning. Enjoyed a bowl of fresh strawberries with Greek Yogurt this afternoon. Oh, my heck. Have you ever tried Greek Yogurt? It is good stuff!!

My friend Meg has decided to do the Challenge with me. I am so excited to have a friend take the journey with me. If you'd like to take the plunge and do this to just e-mail at

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Weeks Before

Challenge Day isn't until June 30th but I want to "practice" before the actual start by eating better and of course continuing my exercise. I try to log 60 minutes a day 4 or 5 days a week. Exercise just makes me feel better both physically and mentally.

Woke up with a BAD migraine type headache and a terrible sore neck. Still made it to the gym but I could just barely get 30 minutes in. Got home and headed to the "car doctor". My Dodge Ram isn't running super bad news and good news. Seems the truck is under warranty so that is a huge blessing BUT looks like it could be in the shop for over a week. We leave for Utah one week from today. UGH! OH, well I'm not gonna stress. Just gonna pray.

So much to do and now I don't have my truck and it's gloomy outside. I better put on a happy face or my day will surely continue to go downhill. Won't let that happen!!