Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight Movie Review

So, I saw Twilight this are my thoughts...

My 11 year old daughter and I have been anxiously awaiting this movie for months. After standing in line for 45 minutes we had our tickets and were excited to see the movie in just a few hours.
Was the movie worth the wait and the money? YES!

1) Edward- Rob does an amazing job of playing the main character in Twilight. From the moment he arrives on screen to the very end you just can't get enough of him. In the showing I was at as soon as Edward came on the screen everyone squealed just a bit. Too funny! He is dark, funny, romantic, protective and ferocious all in one. He is every woman's dream *sigh*!!

2) Bella-I know some people were disappointed in this pick. However, from the moment I began reading Twilight this is the actress I would think of. I've seen Kristin in other movies and have always liked her. She brings Bella to life in every sense. From her sarcasm to her no-nonsense approach to things...Kristin is perfect.

3) Alice-I've never seen this actress before but she is cute, perky and spritely. Just how I envisioned Alice to be.

4) Jasper-Not impressed with this guy although one of my friends thought he played the part well. I had pictured a stronger, handsome Jasper. This one is quirky and nerdy.

5) Esme-No real opinion here. She was okay.

6) Carlisle. At first I was like...who the heck is he? Thought he was kind of cheesy. But as the movie progressed he grew on me. I think he looks a bit too young to play the part.

7) Rosalie-I thought she was supposed to be the prettiest woman alive. She's not.

8) Emmet-Strong, rugged and gorgeous. Nice casting here.

9) Jacob Black-Okay, if you've read the series you know the key role he plays in the books to come. At first I didn't think this actor was the right one. But as I've pictured him in the later books I can see him playing this role. I think he should be bigger though. I'm assuming he will be when New Moon comes out.

10) Mike and the rest of Bella's high school friends-They all work just fine. Mike is nice and annoying just like the book.

11) Loved the part of Bella's dad, Charlie.

I've been thinking if I hadn't read the books I don't think I would have enjoyed this movie. I mean most of the book is written so we know Bella's thoughts. We can almost feel her passion and love for Edward. We understand where she is coming from. Not so sure the movie portrays that. At the beginning of the movie when Bella sits by Edward in Biology, his reaction to her caused the theater audience to laugh. If you've never read the would certainly be clueless.

My wonderful husband is taking me again this week. He is curious to see what the fuss is all about. I'm not so sure he'll enjoy it but I know I can't wait to see it again!!

**Have you seen the movie? If so I'd love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment.


Marcie said...

Well, I've already seen the movie twice!!!! I am in love!

rich and steph said...

Seeing it Friday and cannot wait!! Have not heard from you in awhile-did you get any of the jewelry?

becca said...

i agree with your assessment! It was a good movie, but I think it helped that I had read the book. I am not sure I would have liked it without having read the book. My hubby took me, and I think he liked it, but he didn't seem overwhelmed. He asked a lot of questions about who is who. I thought some of the acting was stiff, stale, and awkward. Like Jasper looking sick all the time (stupid), and I actually didn't like Edward at first, and I think it was because as you said, in the book we get lots more details of what is happening from Bella's thoughts. By the end I really liked it though and I think they made the tranistion from book to movie pretty well. ;) sigh...